Sarvin Bayat, born in Tehran, spent her teen years and early 20s in Washington D.C. Sarvin studied and graduated with an Interior Design degree; additionally, she is certified in Feng Shui from the Art Institute of New York, in which incorporates of Feng Shui in all of their designs elements. Sarvin worked and gained experience at prestige companies such as, Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn. After living on 4 continents, in 6 countries, and more than 10 cities such as Washington, London, Sydney and Amsterdam to name a few, she is currently residing and freelancing in Europe. Sarvin is well cultured, with a diverse taste and fashion from around the world. Sarvin’s mission is to ensure that when her clients sit in their newly designed rooms, they feel at peace in their new space.
“I think everything starts from the home, from our perspectives to our fashion. Homes with well-thought out interior designs, positively impacts every aspect of daily life. Without further ado, let’s make the change’” Sarvin Bayat

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